Hello. My name’s is Charul Palmer-Patel, but please feel free to use my nickname Chuckie. I also publish under C. Palmer-Patel (or under C. Patel before 2015).

The main purpose of this blog is to discuss any Fantasy-related texts that appeal to me (and hopefully to you as well). I like to explore a wide-range of mediums: novels, graphic novels, anthologies, film, television, plays, exhibitions, and any other format that draw on a fantastical element. Rather than a review, this blog takes the form of a ‘read-along’ or discussion of a particular aspect of the work I’m investigating (chapter, quote, character, scene, etc etc). As an critical writer that dabbles in writing fiction, this blog also serves as a space to explore some of my ideas without formally publishing them as articles, books, or short stories; occasionally this blog functions as an early draft. And finally, as a teacher and editor, I’ll also be discussing tips and issues related to both.

I have a doctorate in English Literature focusing on Epic Fantasy fiction (hence the ‘Doc Fantasy’ title) and have published a number of critical examinations on Fantasy texts (head over to the Publications page for more info).

I’m currently living in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my husband and a beautiful but exhausting toddler. If you come across my personal Instagram account, you’ll find that it’s filled with pictures of the little squidge.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. If you do, please subscribe to get notified when I post new updates. Or follow me on Twitter (@docfantasy_) and Instagram (doc.fantasy).