Quarantine Questionnaire

Since everyone on facebook seem to be positing a “get to know me” style questionnaire. I decided to make up my own. 12 questions for now, but thinking of more. (And the answers too of course.)

Feel free to copy and share.

  • 1. Would you prefer a weekend on a spaceship or elf realm?
  • 2. You’re on a deserted island with a wizard/magic- type. Which wizard?
  • 3. You can only choose 1 book to bring on that island. Which book?
  • 4. You can pick one superhero to save the world TODAY. Who do you pick?
  • 5. Dream dinner party. Who are your 5 Fantastika guests (fictional or real)?
  • 6. What fictional food would you love to try/serve at that party?
  • 7. You get a week’s vacation to any Fantastika location. Where do you go?
  • 8. You find a cabin in the woods to self-isolate from the pandemic. Unfortunately it gets attached by the Fantastika creature you fear the most. What is that creature?
  • 9. Which Fantastika weapon do you choose to defend yourself? (General or specific)
  • 10. You find an object that transports you to a Fantastika world, but one you would HATE to end up. Where are you?
  • 11. Which Fantastika locale would you retire in?
  • 12. Which Fantastika person (real or fictional) would you pick to be your closest neighbour?

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